Norm and Rita Bober in the woods

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Rita Bober

Rita Bober, a retired social worker, is a spiritual midwife and herbalist. She has over 25 years' experience working with groups and facilitating rituals, retreats, and ceremonial circles.

Rita has studied with many spiritual Elders. She is a member of the Minniss Kitigan Drum, a spiritual group started by Keewaydinoquay Margaret Peschel that follows the Ojibwe teachings of Keewaydinoquay. Rita is a graduate of Rosemary Gladstar's Herbal Studies Program. She trained with Eliot Cowan, the founder of Plant Spirit Medicine.

Norm Bober

Norm Bober, a retired librarian, also has a Master's degree in religious studies. He is an ongoing student of tracker Tom Brown and naturalist Jon Young (Wilderness Awareness School). He completed the naturalist Kamana program. He has also trained with Malcolm Ringwalt as a Vision Quest Protector. Norm has been a tree lover and grower since his teen years.


Norm and Rita have been organic gardeners for over 40 years. They are turning their 15 acres into a Wild Life Habitat. They have chickens, turkeys, a beehive, and goats, and raise much of their own food through a large garden and orchard. Norm has planted hundreds of trees on the property and Rita has planted and identified many edible and medicinal plants.

They look forward to meeting you and sharing their lifestyle. Come join us in the Circle — there is room for you there!

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