Classes & Workshops

Women's Spirituality

The Divine Feminine

Join with other women for a day of reflection and connections. As women we walk the path together sharing our insights, thoughts and wisdom, telling our stories. Discover the feminine spirit and the value of our own womanhood through the energies of our Earth Mother. Gain spiritual healing around a sacred fire.

Plant Spirit Healing

Plant Spirit Medicine

From ancient times, Native People around the world have used the medicine of plants for spiritual healing. Learn more about this ancient practice and experience working with the plant world. Plant Spirit Medicine is not herbalism, but interacts with the plant spirits directly for the benefit of the individual.

Vision Quest

A spiritual retreat whereby questers seek guidance about their life's purpose or direction in nature. Traditionally used as a rite of passage among Native People. Now used by people at all stages of their lives.


Seasonal Gatherings

Includes field walks to identify plants and learn various techniques for making herbal medicinal preparations. Discussion covers different philosophies of medicine, safe harvesting, and using plants throughout their stages of growth.

Edible Wild Food

Ever wonder if you could actually do something useful with all those "weeds" you pull out of your garden and lawn? Foraging for wild edible foods will be followed by preparing and eating of acquired edibles. Be prepared for emergency eating or to supplement your diet with nature's mineral and vitamin bounty. Come ready for a delicious treat.

Nature Awareness

Learn the knowledge, skills and philosophy necessary to live in harmony with the Earth as passed on by Tom Brown, the Tracker and Jon Young of the Wilderness Awareness School. Become more open to nature's wisdom by direct contact with the natural landscape and exercises to increase awareness and kinship with all of life.

To see some photos of plant walks at Stone Circle, click here: 2010 Summer Plant Walk and August 2013 Plant Walk.

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